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This is a [Private Membership Site] open only to [Individual U.S Citizens]. If you work or are involved in any way with the development and or procurement of Military / Defense Technology, Gear & Equipment then this Membership is not for you. If you're interested in Procurement you can contact me at the email Link below.

The below video is the version of the Patriot Suit™ that we are currently selling. It's full name is the AP Anti Thermal Camouflaged Poncho & Hood™, but it's short name is the Minuteman Poncho™. It is a six-piece-suit consisting of the Poncho, Hood, Two-Sleeves & Two-Leggings, which will all together as one conceal your Infrared Thermal Heat Signature. This Patriot Suit™ is light & flexible. When wearing it you will be able to run, jump and tumble on the ground as you seamlessly blend in to the surrounding terrain and vegetation while completely defeating FLIR® and any and all other Infrared Thermal Heat Imaging Systems...

I have dedicated countless hours of Research and have spent Thousands upon Thousands of Dollars in Trial & Error in order too Obtain this Capability, of Defeating FLIR® and all other Infrared Thermal Heat Imaging Systems. And because of the Perilous Times we are now Facing I am offering to teach you these Life Saving Skills & Techniques; of how to make as many Minuteman Ponchos™ as you'd like and or need!!! Each Patriot Suit™ that you make will cost you just over $350 in materials. And you don't even need to know how too sew; because instead of Needle & String to Bind the Patent Pending Blend of Fabrics, we use both Hot Glue and Shoe-Goo for a Rock-Solid-Bond.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity... I am more than positive that you are well aware of the many Dangers that we are now facing. Whether you're a Prepper, a Survivalist and or a Patriot. In times of Turmoil your very Life and that of your Loved Ones [will] Depend on your Ability to remain hidden and undetected! And in today's High-Tech-Era the only way that you can evade detection is by Defeating FLIR® Thermal Heat Imaging!!! . . . . This is precisely what I want to show you how too do. Only please don't wait for Time is of the Essence, as these are Perilous days and I don't know how much longer we have too prepare!

Plus as a Free Bonus I’m giving you three downloadable Zip Files full of my personal collection of Education Manuals. It took me about five years and cost just under $1,000 to compile this collection with Resale Rights. Yet they're all yours free just for being a committed Patriot and member of the Patriot Suit Club. But first I bid you a word of caution! . . . In order to legally posses or to construct a fully automatic firearm and or a firearm Sound Suppressor, you must first get clearance from the B.A.T.F. division of the U.S. Treasury Department. These manuals are strictly for educational and or entertainment purposes only. Therefore, we (meaning my Team and I) will not be held responsible for any misuse on your part. Please don't break any laws its just not worth your freedom!

Within the "Full Auto Conversion Zip File" you're getting (25) Fully Automatic Conversion manuals. Read these manuals and you'll learn how to convert the following semi-autos into fully automatic weapons... AK-47, both stamped and milled receivers, and including the Valmet & the Israeli Galil ... AR15 ... Beretta 92FS ... Glock 17 ... Cobray Mac-11 ... HK's - 91, SR9, 93,94 ... Uzi ... Ingram Mac-10 ... Marlin 22 Rifle ... Ruger 10 22 Rifle ... SKS ... Tec-9 ... and many others.

Inside the "Sound Suppressor Zip File" you're getting (48) Firearm Sound Suppressor manuals. Read these manuals and you'll learn how to sound-suppress virtually any firearm in existence. Heck you'll even learn how to make a Sound Suppressor for a Canon!

In the "Gunsmithing Zip File" you have (3) complete e-books. The first book is 469 pages long and it learns you the techniques of an Advanced Gunsmith... The second book is 458 pages and its for the Modern Gunsmith... And the third book is all about the fabrication of Improvised Weapons, this one is 161 pages long.

The Introductory Membership price is just $27. Which is a Bargain and an absolute No-Brainer considering the time and money invested too obtain these capabilities. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on the Buy Link and sign up.

Or if you'd rather have us make a Minuteman Poncho™ for you. Then again just scroll down to the bottom of this page to my email link, send me an email, and I'll gladly send you an Invoice. My team and I will gladly make you a Minuteman Poncho™ with as much care and detail as if we were making one for someone in our Family.

But I warn you it's not cheap. My teammates have Families to Raise and I pay them a good descent livable wage worthy of hard working Americans. Thus we are currently selling the Minuteman Poncho™ for $1,200 as it takes many hours of manual labor to complete each and every one. As of right now we have a long list of back-orders with a lead time of 3 - 6 weeks...

Yes, I know that most folks simply can't afford $1,200. But I am a devout Christian and a true Patriot who wants to get these capabilities to as many of my fellow Christians & Patriots as I possibly can. For this very reason alone I've decided to build this Membership Site where my Team and I will be teaching those of you [Action Taking Go Getters] how too make your own Patriot Suits™!!!

If you can't make up your mind as to whether you should join or not. Then I recommend you scroll down the page slowly. Look at the photos. Watch every single short video below. Then ask yourself if it's important that you have these capabilities... Do you believe in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Well I sure do. In fact I believe that every American Rifleman should have him a Patriot Suit™!!! For this is the only way that, "We, The Citizen Militia", can have a Fighting Chance in Today's Modern High Tech Battlefield!!!

The below videos are examples of people being compromised by FLIR® Thermal Heat Imaging. In every single scenario the Minuteman Poncho™ would have absolutely evaded detection, No Doubt!!!

Note: In much of the below videos there are depictions of war and people getting killed... We are in no way advocating nor taking pleasure in the destruction of human life. Whomever it may be.

Even in the day light, as in the video below, the Minuteman Poncho™ will remain undetected to both FLIR® and the naked eye. In such a scenario, with the Patriot Suit™ on, it's best just to squat down by a bush and blend in.

Below are more photos of the Patriot Suit™. See how it seamlessly blends in with the vegetation.

Creator / Senior Instructor

Larry Vasquez

Hello... My name is Larry Vasquez. I am the creator of the Patriot Suit™ line of Tactical Clothing. I will tell you a little bit about myself so that you somewhat know of who you're dealing with.Shortly after that dreadful day of September the 11th, Anno Domini 2001. I; like many of Patriotic men at fighting age in this Country, went strait the Military Recruiting Office looking to join the Fight against evil. For the Love of my Family, my Friends and my County! Yet unfortunately shortly after I was in a devastating car wreck; which took the life of a dear childhood friend and left me a quadriplegic, crippled and confined to a chair. So that was that, my dreams and aspirations of fighting for my Country against Terrorism were not meant too be...Nevertheless the Love and Dedication for my Country has never wavered and is stronger than ever! And I see, as more than likely you do too, that in the years since 9/11 we are not safer. Danger is everywhere and we Christians, we Patriotic Americans and all other peoples of good will need to prepare for the even more Perilous Times ahead which are quite clearly worsening day by day!I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. For it confirms our GOD Given right to self defense. My firm belief is that not only is it a Man's Right to Defend his Family and Country. It is his Obligation!!! . . . And because of this Firm Belief which I hold with every Grain of my being. I have taken on the Mission to provide as many Christians and Patriots as I can with the Means of Defeating FLIR® Thermal Heat Imaging. Strictly for the Defense of their Families and this Country!!!To my fellow Christians. To my Fellow Patriots. To the American Rifleman. The Time to Act is Now.Long Live America! But above all and or before "anything" else, Long Live CHRIST The KING!!! If you would like to contact me for a question or some particular matter. You can contact me on my email at the Link below.

Course curriculum

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    • Introduction Welcome Video

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    Patriot Suit™ Club's Non Disclosure Agreement / Non Competition Clause

    • Non Disclosure Agreement / Non Competition Clause

    • Patriot Suit™ Non Disclosure Agreement - Non Competition Clause

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    Anti Thermal Camouflaged Poncho™

    • Instructional Video for the Minuteman Poncho™

    • Head Cutout Jig for the Minuteman Poncho™

    • Needed Supplies

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    Anti Thermal Camouflaged Leggings™

    • Instructional Video for the Anti Thermal Camouflaged Leggings™

    • Needed Supplies

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    Anti Thermal Camouflaged Sleeves™

    • Instructional Video for the Anti Thermal Camouflaged Sleeves™

    • Needed Supplies

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    Anti Thermal Camouflaged Hood™

    • Instructional Video for the Anti Thermal Camouflaged Hood™

    • Needed Supplies

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    Materials List

    • Materials List

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    Free Bonus Download Page

    • Full Auto Conversions - Sound Suppressors - Gunsmithing